The Research and Recognition Team is comprised of a group of professionals passionate about the furthering of research to successfully treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and related clinical issues. Our individual and collective experiences enable us to help others with new methods to facilitate change, enrichment, and symptom relief. Multitudes of suffering clients don’t presently have access to the effective methods and skills that practitioners of RTM use. Only by researching and validating the efficacy of this protocol as an effective treatment and change technology will it achieve the wider recognition among therapy, education and health care professionals that is warranted.


Robert DiNardo


Robert DiNardo

Mr. DiNardo's present position is Special Counsel at Catania, Mahon, Milligram and Rider. He served as an adjunct professor at St. John's University in the Sports Management Department. He is a graduate of Fordham University and received his Juris Doctor degree and graduated New York Law School cum laude in 1969. He was editor-in-chief of the New York Law Forum, 1968 – 1969, a Special Courts Martial Judge, U. S. Marine Corps, 1971 – 1972. He served in the United States Marine Corps, JAG Corps, from 1969 – 1972, and served a tour of duty in Vietnam. Mr. DiNardo has served as an advisor to the Research and Recognition Project, Inc., A 501(c)(3), since its inception and is very excited to now take over the Board Chairman Position.

Jon Adams

Jon Adams

Jonathan Adams served in the U. S. Air Force from 1969 to 1973 and then continued a 30-year military career with the NYANG flying the ski-equipped LC130 performing polar airlift in Greenland and Antarctica. He has held numerous unit positions, including appointment as the Wing Commander of the 109th Airlift Wing, and later, Commanding General of the NY Guard Air Division. He retired as a Brigadier General with over 7,000 hours in a variety of transport aircraft. He also enjoyed a 26-year airline career with US Airways flying the F28, B737, and holding several flight operations management positions. Brig. Gen. Adams retired from active flying with over 20,000 hours. He worked three years in Embry Riddle’s Commercial Airline Pilot Training program and then four years for CAE Civil Training as the Manager – Training and Standards, CAE Global Academy. Brig. Gen. Adams currently serves as Chief Operations Officer at Strategic Global Aviation at Griffiss IAP, Rome, NY.

Rosalyn Templeton, PhD

Rosalyn Templeton

Dr. Rosalyn Templeton joined the Board of Directors in 2013. She brings a profound academic skill set related to all facets of Graduate Education and University administration. Her academic appointments have included Executive Dean - College of Education and Human Resources, and University Provost. She has written and supervised multi-million dollar grants in the human service field for over a decade.

Frank Bourke, PhD

Frank Bourke

Dr. Bourke is the CEO and Founder of the Research and Recognition Project. After the 9-11 attacks in 2001, Dr. Bourke designed and implemented a rehabilitation plan for 800 World Trade Center building survivors. He found that he was able to change the symptoms of PTS survivors he was treating with an new protocol much quicker and more effectively than the 30 or so therapists he was working with. He founded the Non-Profit Corporation to bring the research up to a scientific standard necessary for more widespread implementation. He was trained at the Institute of Psychiatry in London on Fulbright funds and lectured at Cornell University and brings with him more than 33 years of professional experience in Executive, Clinical and Research roles.

John Cameron


John Cameron

A resident of the Hudson Valley since leaving Brooklyn in 1968 upon graduating from St John’s Law School. Practiced law in Orange County for over 50 years. Have managed Orange County Bar Association’s Veterans’ Civil Po Bono program since 2008. Member Hudson Valley Veterans’ Task Force. Board Member of Orange County Children’s Rights Society. LT. USNR, Fleet OOD and Command Duty Officer on USS Charles R. Ware (DD 865) 1961-64. Taught Naval Ops and Naval Engineering at SUNY Maritime College 1965-68.

Gerry Schmidt, PhD

Gerry Schmidt

Dr. Schmidt, in addition to joining the Board of Directors is currently the Acting COO to help with organization and funding acquisition for the RandR Project. In his clinical practice he has used the early version of the RTM Protocol for over 30 years with hundreds of clients and taught it to others globally. He has also served as an organizational consultant to Fortune 500 companies for Leadership Development, Strategy Alignment and Culture improvement.

Lisa deRijk

Lisa deRijk

Lisa de Rijk (Wake)- Training Director. Lisa has a 20+ year track record of working in the public, private and third sector as a Coach, Change Management Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer and Supervisor.

Author of Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy: A Postmodern Perspective; The Role of Brief Therapies in Attachment Disorder; and NLP Principles in Practice, and lead editor for The Clinical Effectiveness of Neurolinguistic Programming. With a PhD in Psychology from Surrey University, Lisa is also accredited by the UKCP as a neurolinguistic psychotherapist and is a Master Trainer of NLP. Lisa has served as Chair and Vice Chair of UKCP and in 2013, Lisa was made an Honorary Fellow of UKCP. Lisa is advisor to Association of NLP.