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Thank you for your interest in the RTM ProtocolTM and its demonstrated efficacy as a long overdue breakthrough treatment for PTSD. I realized how effective this protocol was after 9/11 when I worked with over 850 survivors whose offices were above the 100th floor of Tower Two. Of these individuals, I treated 250 of them for severe PTSD symptoms. I then made it my life’s mission to scientifically prove the clinical effectiveness of the RTM ProtocolTM and bring it to the millions in need of hope and healing. The R&R Project is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to furthering and expanding research which is already establishing the RTM ProtocolTM as a most promising breakthrough treatment for PTSD. As a clinical treatment requiring no drugs, the RTM Protocol has undergone rigorous scientific evaluation in four published studies (with more underway), as consistently removing the nightmares, flashbacks, and the directly related emotional problems of post-traumatic stress in less than five hours (studies can be found HERE). I hope you will join us in this journey, whether as a practitioner signing up for RTM ProtocolTM training; a client seeking treatment; a researcher interested in collaborating with other scientists; an advocate for spreading the word; or a donor contributing funds to make this all possible. Thank you.


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Over 90% of the veterans in the first two research studies who received the RTM Protocol™ treatment had complete cessation of nightmares, flashbacks, and the emotional problems related to their traumatic memories.

Let's Beat PTS Together!

Our individual and collective experiences helping others with Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories technologies demonstrates that RTM Protocol™ methods are effective in facilitating change, promoting personal enrichment, and providing symptom relief.

There are currently thousands of veterans across the world suffering from the damaging effects of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). In the US alone, it is estimated that 22 military and ex-military commit suicide EVERY DAY. During initial research studies, the RTM Protocol™ has been shown to treat PTS in five hours. The patients are able to return to the lives they lived before the trauma.

Our Specific Goals Are:

Rolling out a nationally needed training program for licensed mental health professionals to become certified in RTM Protocol™.

The Problem

Every year thousands of returning military, state and local police officers, emergency workers and trauma survivors. suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). PTS is a devastating condition that can destroy lives and despite being “invisible” externally, is as real as a devastating physical wound for those that suffer its disabling effects.

The Statistics

• More than 256,000 veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan have been treated for PTS.
• Up to 40% of returning veterans affected with Post Traumatic Stress remain untreated.
• Approximately 2 million children have one or both parents in the military and are impacted by potential PTS.
• PTS costs Americans more than $15 billion.

A Solution: RTM Protocol™

Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM Protocol™) uses a short visualization process to retrieve and alter the memory. It is a stress-free method of treatment that has been shown to relieve nightmares and flashback symptoms of PTS for over 90% of those treated, in less than half the time of current therapies, often in fewer than two or three sessions.

With immediate RTM Protocol™ intervention, PTS can be relieved, and our veterans and their families are spared related issues that often develop, including alcohol and drug abuse, family and career disintegration, and even suicide. The belief is that RTM Protocol™, administered early, will remove years of suffering and disability for our veterans and billions of dollars in extended years of payment for PTS syndrome treatment. It is non-traumatizing and remits the anxious elements of the disorder.

RTM Protocol™ is an innovative, and cost-effective treatment for PTS, but it is not enough. PTS has far-reaching impacts in other areas of a veteran's life. Full clinical treatment for related problems is needed. The therapy, currently in the research and verification phases, has shown dramatic indications of success and projections for additional research are also positive.

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